What IF? Foundation

The What IF Foundation is a non-profit organization designed to equip young student athletes with the resources and opportunities to become the best version of themselves, both on and off the basketball court. The purpose of the organization isn’t just to help kids increase their basketball skills; the purpose is to take a 360 degree approach with a focus on developing mind, body and spirit.

Why Sports?

Sports are being played and loved by so many around the world; and for children, access to them should not be just a dream or a privilege. WIF uses organized sports, such as basketball, because they are not only exciting, but they also provide the platform to:

     •  Encourage healthy competition among peers
     •  Build self-esteem and social integration
     •  Help erase racial boundaries
     •  Unite adults and children from different backgrounds/cultures
     •  Help develop trust between coaches and young people
     •  Provide an opportunity for discussing crucial issues that affect young people’s lives everyday
     •  Channel young people’s passions and provide educational opportunities

Basketball provides a platform for our trained coaches and volunteers to build trusting relationships with children and delivery life skills lessons in a fun environment. The life skills they learn on the court clearly impact their futures.